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The following article is intended to answer some of the most common questions and requests that come into our Registration Department. If your answer isn’t found here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 816.431.9950.

Office hours are:

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Summer hours: (May-September)

Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The following article is intended to answer some of the most common questions and requests that come into our Registration Department. If your answer isn’t found here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 816.431.9950. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; summer hours Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.


A letter, which identifies the year the calf was born. Must be tattooed in the ear with the tag number.
The letters I, O , Q, and V are skipped in identifying years.

2001 L
2002 H
2003 N
2004 P
2005 R
2006 S
2007 T
2008 U
2009 W
2010 X
2011 Y
2012 Z
2013 A
2014 B
2015 C
2016 D
2017 E
2018 F
2019 G
2020 H


One must be an active member in order to submit registrations and/or transfers. Membership is $100 for adults, which does include a subscription to the Voice magazine; $25 for juniors (one is a junior until their 22nd birthday as long as they have not reached their 22nd birthday before January 1 of the current calendar year). Dues are for a calendar year (January – December). One can submit a new membership or pay annual dues online from our website at by clicking on "Membership" or "Pay Annual Dues". Please note we do insert a Dues-Reminder envelope in the October Voice each year, for the next calendar year. We also have available first-class shipping for the Voice for $20 per subscription.

MAPP or Breeders Choice

All members must designate their herd as either MAPP or BC. For more information visit our website at and open the link 'MAPP Agreement' (found in blue box on our homepage). If choosing MAPP you must print, sign and return the Agreement in order to remain in the MAPP program. If you do not designate your herd prior to sending work, you will automatically be enrolled in the Breeders Choice program.

Rush Work

Rush work is $50 per eight registrations or transfers. Like all registration work, we need complete payment before we can send your papers. Rushed work is handled ahead of the other work that is in our office; if everything is complete (registration information and payment), the rushed work will be mailed within one to two business days from when it is submitted. We do not have same-day turn-around. Calling to request registration numbers is also considered a rush as we have to complete the work to provide numbers. Please call us to request a rush.

Submitting Registration Work

Our office does not take registrations over the phone. You can submit a registration application by mail, via our website through the online registration screen, or by fax (see below for both faxed work and online registrations). During the fall/winter season, please allow two weeks for turn-around on your registration work (if not a rush). The owner of the dam must register under his or her account.

Faxed Work

All faxed work is considered and treated as a rush. A follow-up phone call after faxing registration work is MANDATORY in order to complete the rush process. Again, payment must be complete before we can send your papers. We do accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa for your convenience. Online payment is now available on our website, click on the link titled "Online Bill Payment".

Overnight Shipping or Priority USPS Mailing

We can ship your papers to you overnight; however, we will need a physical address and phone number to do so. The basic fee for overnight shipping is $40-45, which must be paid in advance. In some cases the amount may exceed $45, depending on the area to which the article is being shipped. USPS priority shipping with tracking is available for $6.00. These fees do not include a rush fee. If you wish to add a FedEx or Priority mailing please contact us at 816-431-9950.

Online Registrations

Before you can register online, you must have a password set up. Please contact AMAA to set up your password or email us with your request to Please remember passwords are case sensitive. For your protection if you have forgotten your password please know we may request verification before releasing any information to you. Please make sure when logging in that we always have a current contact number, email and mailing address. You may update this information by going to "View Account". Online registrations are NOT handled as rushes under normal circumstances and are processed in the order they are received.

Foundation Animals

Starting January 1, 2014 dams and sires must be registered or must obtain a commercial number in order to register offspring. The birthdate, name, tag number and breed composition are required to obtain a commercial number. If you are registering out of a commercial dam or sire please go to "Commercial" located under "Herd Mgmt". Once you have a number for your commercial animal then go to "Calves" located under "Herd Mgmt". If you are registering out of a sire that is not owned by you, please search our breed to make sure a number is not already set up.

Exception: If you are registering an animal born prior to January 1, 2014 you may leave the dam or sire unregistered as long as the dam or sire is 50% to obtain the 25% minimum percentage for the off spring.

Adding Other Breeds Pedigrees

"Other breed" pedigrees can be added to the registration of an animal for either the sire or the dam. The fee to add a bull's pedigree is $40 and to add a female's pedigree is $25. Please send along a copy of the registration paper for each particular animal and include the proper fee. When requesting a pedigree to be added please use the original registration number for that breed and add the appropriate prefix to that number. Angus-AN, Red Angus – AR, Belted Galloway – BG, Brahman- BR. Chianina – CA, Charolais – CH, Galloway- GA, Gelbvieh – GV, Hereford- HH, Polled Hereford- HP, Shorthorn – IS, Limousin – LM, Lowline – LL, Canadian Maine – MA, Red Brangus – RB, Salers – SA, Simmental – SM, Polled Shorthorn – SP, Scottish Shorthorn – SS. Once the pedigree has been added the calf registration will then be completed.

Registering Bulls

Bulls must be sired by a) registered Maine bull, or b) registered bulls of another breed (see 'Adding Other Breeds Pedigrees' above). Any bull calf registrations received after January 1, 2014 must be TH/PHA free by parents (parent testing must be on file with AMAA to be free by parents) or must be tested clean and on file with AMAA to register. Any carriers will not be registered but may be entered for performance purposes. Once testing has been completed the animal will then be registered at the usual registration rates.

Registering Steers (Update)

A motion was passed at the Board of Directors meeting in Louisville in November 2010 to drop the Maine-Anjou sire-only stipulation regarding the registration of Maine-Anjou steers. Registerable Maine-Anjou steers can come from either side of the pedigree and must be at least 25% Maine to be eligible to register. If the dam is unregistered, you must obtain a commercial number for that dam. If the sire is unregistered you may leave the box blank or list as commercial when registering.

Performance Animals

If you choose to register your animal as "Performance Only" it will record that animal for data purposes only. If you later decide to register a performance animal you must contact AMAA with the performance number. The rate to register will be based on the day it obtains a certificate not the day that it was entered so please make sure to register them before they are over 13 months of age.

DNA Typing (Parent Verification)

Dams: Prior to registering ET calves, all donor dams must be DNA typed and TH/PHA tested and on file in the AMAA office. Registration papers will NOT be mailed from our office if the donor does not have DNA on file. This applies to registered Maine-Anjou donors AND commercial donor dams. If you are unsure if a dam has been typed, please check testing online or call our office. You need to allow up to three weeks for DNA results to be processed from the lab as well as three weeks for TH/PHA testing.

Bulls: All bulls that have been collected for marketing OR for home use are also to be DNA typed and TH/PHA tested and on file in our office. Registrations out of AI sires that have not been typed will be held.

Please note you can obtain DNA submission forms from our website; see the link "DNA TH PHA" in the pink box on homepage. Click on "GeneSeek Submission Form".

TH/PHA Testing

Animals that have not been tested for TH and PHA, and are not free by parentage, will be registered, but their registration paper will be marked 'Untested' (U) in regard to genetic abnormality status.

Dams: Prior to registering ET calves, all donor dams must be tested for TH and PHA, and on file in the AMAA office. Registration papers will not be mailed from our office if the donor does not have TH and PHA status on file. This applies to registered and commercial donor dams. You need to allow at least three weeks for samples to be processed.

Sires: All bulls that have been collected for marketing OR for home use are also to be tested for TH and PHA and on file in our office. Registrations out of AI sires that have not been typed will be held. Any bull calf registered after January 1, 2014 will have to be free by parents or must be tested and free of TH and PHA in order to register. A nonrefundable $10 penalty fee will apply and the animal will remain unregistered until testing is on file. Once testing is on file the usual registration fee will be applied to register the bull calf. A bull calf that is a carrier of TH/PHA may still be entered for performance purposes but will not receive a registration paper. You can obtain the necessary forms and information on these tests at our website (click on Abnormality Information found in the pink box on our homepage) or contact us at 816-431-9950.


If transferring an animal that is already registered, the transfer must be completed on the back of the original registration paper (please include the date of sale). When transferring a female of breeding age, we are requesting that breeding information be submitted. Complete information with dates and names of sires is required. PLEASE NOTE that the seller is REQUIRED to be an ACTIVE MEMBER when sending transfers. If the seller is NOT active and the buyer sends the transfer, then the BUYER will be charged the seller's dues.

Percentage and Upgrading Chart

Please refer to our 'Percentage and Upgrading' Chart for mating combinations and resulting percentages of progeny. NOTE that 25% is our lowest percentage to register; Maintainers are 25% to 62.5% (green registration papers); higher percentage animals are 75% - 100% (brown registration papers). A percentage chart may be obtained on our website under the blue box.

Registration Processing and Check List

We try very hard to handle all registrations in a timely manner with as few errors as possible. In the same token, we appreciate you taking time to look over your application to be sure everything is complete. Please review this checklist prior to mailing or faxing to our office.

  • You must be the owner of the dam to register
  • Your dues must be paid to register
  • Is the animal you are registering 25% or higher? Either sire or dam must be registered at 50% or higher in order for the offspring to be 25%. We do not recognize any Maine Anjou breed percentages from other associations.
  • If choosing the MAPP program the MAPP agreement must be printed, signed and returned to AMAA.
  • Write down the complete tattoo. (Tattoos need herd prefix, a number you assign to the animal, and the year letter. Please indicate which ear – right, left, or both – when registering. NOTE: 8 TOTAL characters allowed in each ear.) Year letter for year of birth, 2015: C, 2016:D, 2017:E, 2018:F, 2019: G, 2020: H
  • Complete birth date. (Month, day, year)
  • Sex of calf. (If it's a bull, write B – if a steer, write S- if a heifer, write H)
  • Are the registration numbers of the sire and dam written correctly? If either parent is not registered you must enter the dam or sire as a foundation animal first. If the sire is registered as another breed the pedigree must be added. Please provide the registration number of the dam or sire rather than writing a name in the field if the animal has a Maine Anjou registration number.
  • Foundation animals must have an ID tag or name, birthdate and breed composition.
  • Have you submitted horned, polled or scurred?
  • Written the animal's color? Color choices are Black, Red or Other (this would be the predominate color of the animal)
  • Given birth weight, calving ease, weaning weight and date? (If weights have not been taken, please write "Not Available" or "N/A"). This information is not mandatory to register.
  • The calf being registered must have a name. If a name is not provided the herd prefix and tag number will be entered as the name.
  • If transferred, legibly written the buyer's name, complete address and date of sale? If transferring to a farm, please provide the name of the person(s) affiliated with the farm name.
  • Again, if transferred, check if the registration paper should be sent to the buyer or back to the seller?

Please make sure take a copy of your registration work prior to submitting to AMAA. If any information is incomplete when we receive the work, we do try to contact breeders for corrections. Emails are usually sent if information is missing so please make sure to check your mail. Timeliness in responding to phone or e-mail messages in order to complete the registration work is appreciated. Registration forms are available to print from as well, for your convenience.

We are here to serve the membership and encourage you to contact the office if we can be of assistance in any way.
-AMAA Registration Department
Phone 816.431.9950  |  Fax 816.431.9951